Filmed for commercial use. 
Premiered Intel’s Stage Spotlight at CES 2016. 

The Spotlight Stage at the Intel Booth showcases a dance by Paige Fraser. 

A vision system powered by multiple Intel RealSense R200 cameras tracks Paige’s dance movements. A corresponding digital dance partner is projected to mimic and amplify her motions in a theme to “fight back the darkness” that threatened to envelop them. Paige’s choreography is a modern dance interpretation of her struggle to overcome scoliosis to eventually become the world-class dancer she is today. The vision system consists of an array of eight Intel RealSense R200 cameras to track and analyze Paige’s movements across the stage in real time. The RealSense R200 cameras are powered by multiple Intel Next Unit Compute (NUC) systems. The vision system captures shape and depth information, which is used to generate geometry that is used to drive all of the effects in the final experience.

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